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Christiana Kefaloudi graduated from the 1st Lyceum of Alimos and studied Business Administration at American College Deree. After her graduation, she studied interior design at a technical school. She has been working in abart Interior Design since 1995 and she has a very large number of designs and constructions in her resume.

She is married to Haris Milionis and they cooperate in many areas of Real Estate and Construction in general. They run a lucrative business in property management and renovation works.


Founder of abart since 1969


Christos Kefaloudis was born in Piraeus and graduated from the Exemplar Junior Lyceum of Ionidios. He studied at the shipbuilding school and after graduating he worked at the Skaramangas yards. In 1969 he founded abart Interior Design office and started applying the interior design to the market of Piraeus and the extension of Greece. From 2008 onwards, he has an assistive and consulting role. He has two daughters Christiana And Theofano and they are both Interior Designers.



Theofano Kefaloudi graduated from the 1st Lyceum of Alimos and studied Interior Design in Vakalo School of Arts. After her graduation, she worked for a construction company. Since 2004 she lives in Vienna, Austria and has studied Architecture in the Vienna University. She has in her resume many cooperations with Interior Designers and Architects, and a large number of works in restoration and interior design of old buildings in Vienna.



Abart Interior Design office  was founded in 1969 in Piraeus by Christos Kefaloudis. Since then he has designed and edited the construction of more than 1,750 stores, cafes, clubs, bars, offices, exhibitions, homes and yachts in Greece, London, Munich and Cyprus, marking a brilliant career in this field.

Subsequently his daughter Christiana Kefaloudi took over abart Interior Design office in 2007 and has worked with zeal so far, having introduced modern trends and applications in construction and design methods.


The multi-annual occupation in the field of designing and decorating professional spaces has made abart Interior Design office  known to professional circles for the integrity of the construction, the originality of the figures, forseeing the modern trends in interior design.



  • Commercial shops 

  • Company Offices

  • Yacht Refits & Marine Interior Design

  • Hotel Interior & Exterior Design

  • Exhibition booths

  • Entertainment Centers (BAR, CLUB, RESTAURANT)

  • House Interior Design

  • Building Exterior Design

  • Showrooms of companies

  • Permanent Exhibitions

  • Clinics, Medical Laboratories

  • Optical Shops

  • Commercial Logotypes