The color palette for 2019 consists mainly of colors very close to earth colors, however some coloring manufacturers have set their own colors of the year and on these trends will we focus on this article.

Starting 2019, PANTONE set to be the color of the year for 2019 LIVING CORAL and is a color that I love as an interior designer especially for the summer. It is a color that dye externally their homes in areas of North Africa like Morocco and in tropical countries such as Cuba or Mexico.

Some people like it because it takes them to places blooming or sunny, some others find it a little childish to use it into their interior. Nevertheless, it is a trend and we can put it in our lives, in our clothes, in some fabrics or even in kitchen items. Living Coral blends brilliantly with shades of green-blue like turquoise, light blue and metal in fabrics or useful items, while in the decoration space it coexists harmoniously with shades of gray, terracotta, green and burgundy. It blends brilliantly with gold, white and khaki.

BENJAMIN MOORE on the other hand, set the color of the year for 2019 the METROPOLITAN gray of ice. It is a color that calms and soothes the mind. It has a wide range of colors with which it combines with but the trend this year according to some interior designers is to combine many pale shades together. It fits with dark gray, dark blue, pantone’s coral, petrol, khaki, gold will illuminate it and silver will fill it. Many British and American interior designers love these classic combinations and fit amazingly in a place with nice and classy parquet, velvet and heavy thick curtains. Of course this does not mean that if we want something more modern we will not achieve it with this color, it is still a very favorite color of the minimal interior design and we usually find it in combination with white, black and dark gray.

BEHR has defined the ELEPHANT SKIN color of 2019 an equally beautiful color. Although it sounds dark and dull, it has a slight tendency to warm gray with light red tones. Though dark we should not be afraid to even paint a whole room. It is combined with a blue raf, terracotta, white, coral, green, with all tones of gray and of course pink.

Another fantastic color that is the color of the year is PPG's NICHTWATCH, an aristocratic color with shades between emerald and petrol and I personally think that while it is intense and perhaps a bit dark especially in small rooms the idea to paint a carefully selected wall in the living room will take off the style of our space. It combines a lot splashes of gold and shades of mustard, with gray ones mentioned above, with ivory, ice-white, pink and peach, while highlighted when it is in velvet fabric.

Finally, SHERWIN WILLIAMS was named CAVERN CLAY as it’s own color of the year. It is a color that when you look at it you feel a warm embrace and tenderness and it is not accidental, because it’s a color with tons of terracotta, a color that exists in greek tradition. One could paint the whole house externally or a relaxation room such as the living room or even the bedroom. It matches nicely with brown, gray, with blue raff, with splashes of gold and beige candy, even with coral.

These are the colors that are trending for this year. It does not mean that we will adopt them without thinking or that there are no other alternatives. Color samples are huge and our options are unlimited, so consult an interior designer to help you choose the best fitting color for you house.

With love for interior design and decoration

Christiana Kefaloudi

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